The Company 11.500.000 listed Class A Warrants outstanding as well as 972.906 Class B Warrants, governed by the law of Luxembourg. The Class A Warrants are listed on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Class A Warrants
IPO 20. October 2010
ISIN LU0538952044
WKN A1E016
Number of Public Warrants (class A) 11.500.000
Bloomberg symbol ECT1 GY
Reuters symbol
Exercise price €11.50 (at the option of the Company either exercise against cash or cashless exercise).
Expiration date The Class A Warrants are exercisable and will expire at the close of trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the first trading day after October 11th 2017 or earlier upon redemption or liquidation.
Redemption The Company may redeem the outstanding Class A Warrants in whole but not in part; at a price of €0.01 per Public Warrant; upon a minimum of 30 days’ prior written notice of redemption; and if, and only if, the Daily VWAP equals or exceeds €17.00 per Class A Share on any 20 out of the 30 consecutive trading days ending three business days before ECT 1 sends the notice of redemption.

The “Daily VWAP” means, for any trading day, the per Public Share volume-weighted average price on Xetra® for such trading day as reported on Bloomberg

Class B Warrants
The Class B Warrants are not listed on a stock exchange. The founders of the Company (the Sponsors) and one additional Investor currently hold an aggregate of 972.906 Class B Warrants which they purchased in a private placement. The Class B Warrants have the same exercise price, expiration date and redemption provisions as the Class A Warrants.